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  • Karolina Perez-Sima

Fuel innovation through collaboration and hybrid Reality

How to team build in hybrid reality?

architecture as a service workshop at marx technology consulting ltd with five people sat around a long wooden table with laptops open with pens and paper with one presenter stood up by a large monitor

In the hybrid work reality, hosting in-person workshops is crucial for team building.


Flexible working matters

It diversifies workforce, opening doors to people with special needs, parents, talented contractors. And teaming up with talent regardless of location brings value to the business. But hybrid tends to meet separate... And an occasional in-person event can unlock collaboration, ignite creativity, and forge connections better than MS Teams (even though, regular video check-ins do help). In face-to-face interactions, people can feel like a part of something bigger.

That's why at Marx, we prioritise hosting regular internal workshop days

We understand that companies are made up of people, and people thrive when they feel connected! Even on the personal level, it’s nice to know and like people you work with. And it’s only possible when you meet colleagues in the same place from time to time.

different teams have different priorities

Marx technology consulting architecture as a service model presentation in an internal meeting room with five people sat around a long table with laptops and one presenter

It's helpful, business-wise, to check in and align on the bottom line. In-person workshops provide the perfect platform to gather diverse perspectives, bridge communication gaps and ensure everyone is on the same page when it comes to ultimate business objectives.

Our enterprise architecture workshop day in our London office proved to be a great learning experience. We went over the strategic themes for our company:

  • our USP - how Architecture as a Service provides digital transformation cheaper and faster than market alternatives

  • our LeanIX Partnership and the benefits it brings to our customers

  • main customer pain points and how we can address them head on

  • how to align sales and marketing activities for optimal outcomes

  • enterprise architecture future in Europe and how Marx fits in

Dynamic discussions and insights exchange is key for defining direction a business wants to take and that fuels growth.

And how do you stay connected in your business? Share your thoughts!

Need help redesigning your business for continuous success? Speak to Syed, our Strategic Alliance Manager in the link below:

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