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Office works employed as a result of Marx's staff augmentation services

Staff Augmentation

All hands on deck? We can help you find top talent, globally.

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Staffing solutions with global reach

Catering to diverse industries, we match business with skilled IT and non-IT professionals bringing fresh perspectives and cutting-edge knowledge.


Our global presence lets us follow world talent trends, helping both our clients and MSPs in various regions.

Our services include contractual hiring, perm hiring, MSP, and SOW. Customising processes, we enhance MSP scorecards and boost performance.

We've got you:


we operate in 11 countries


high-performance staffing


FCSA, Diversity, AUG license


contractual & perm hires, MSP, SOW


IT, Non-IT and Healthcare


algorithms finding top talent fast


tactic to exceed Turn Around Time SLAs

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official partners:

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We are LeanIX certified consultants. Working on LeanIX software since 2018.

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high quality and low cost staff augmentation 

We understand the on-going client focus of being cost and time efficient.


We use technology and recruiting strength in tandem to deliver faster results. 


Our model of working in multiple geographies serviced by a global delivery Centre helps us bring down infrastructure cost and pass on thebenefits to our clients.     

Bank on us for your niche demands

Apart from our extensive experience in IT, Healthcare and Leadership hiring across the UK/EU/US and APAC, we're supporting clients with New Technologies like AI, Automation (RPA), SAP, Big Data, Hadoop, and Analytics.


All hands on deck? Don't stay behind.

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"This team consistently delivers highly qualified professionals, streamlining the hiring process for both candidates and customers. A+ in the global staffing game!"


Executive Account Manager

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International House, 36-38 Cornhill, London, EC3V 3NG

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