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Enterprise Architecture

Agile and cost-effective architecture as a service

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enterprise architecture
as a service (AAAS)

As a leading UK independent enterprise architecture consultancy, we bridge the gaps between Business and IT. Blending pragmatic consulting expertise, established frameworks and toolkits, we have created Architecture as a Service (AaaS) model for you to unlock value faster.

We've got you:


AaaS artefacts for your project

20+ years

experience in business transformation


transformation projects delivered


experts ready to work for you


customers come back for more

What is Architecture as a Service?

expert, flexible and
cost-effective IT
architecture support on-demand

With our innovative enterprise architecture framework, your business can see transformative results quicker and for a lower price.


From developing scalable architectures to resolving specific use cases, we offer hyper automated architecture deliverability (3-6 months v 12-18 months).

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Architecture as a service model

marx aaas model benefits


Faster than industry average


Cost-cutting and higher ROI 


Flexible and buildable


Driven by tangible outcomes

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Strategic enterprise architecture tools in one product

Our unique AaaS model empowers customers to leverage comprehensive architecture solutions, resulting in significant cost and time benefits. 

So, instead of selling 10 peoples’ time and skill per hour, we’ve developed a framework that delivers value to your business from ours, end to end.

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from our expert

“Beyond our staffing capabilities, we’ve developed a framework that helps businesses restructure their operations swiftly and prioritising ROI.”

Jeff Meddemmen, Principal Architect​​

(Aldi, House of Fraser, Sainsbury’s)

portrait of the principal architect for marx, an enterprise architecture specialist

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International House, 36-38 Cornhill, London, EC3V 3NG

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