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Futuristic glass structure symbolising our enterprise architecture services

Why Marx?

independent, specialist enterprise architecture provider

We deliver, you win

We are independent Enterprise and Solutions Architecture provider based in London. We deliver Enterprise Architecture as a Service, slashing your transformation costs and optimising results for your business.


Being free from product vendors and system implementers allows us to design and deliver the best architecture for any organisation without conflicts. This independence also lets us fully concentrate on providing real business value to our clients.

Tech agnostic

best solutions without bias

Proven designs

delivered end to end

Tangible value

high speed, low cost results

Global impact

50 clients worldwide


no vendor constraints

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official partners:

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We are LeanIX certified consultants. Working on LeanIX software since 2018.

Scaled IT architecture diagram explaining the details of enterprise architecture

continuous Transformation Architecture 

Combining and extending core elements of the established Enterprise Architecture frameworks and the iterative Safe Scaled Agile Framework, Marx leverages the best of both.

Why is Marx's approach better than existing frameworks?

Simpler implementation    Ongoing governance    Real-world expertise

accelerate business agility

Why Marx?


We harness technology as a transformative force. Being such a powerful tool, it can make or break a business! As an expert team, we know outdated systems, messy data and gaps in staff skills and their burden on performance. That's why we do what we do, deliver results.


Driven by constant improvement, dedicated to our customer unique needs and committed to accelerating agility. We empower you to thrive in the digital era.

Photo of a rocket in flight to symbolise the power of using Marx's enterprise architecture services


Digital Transformation isn't a buzzword. It's a must-have.


Our experts turn complexity into a step by step action.


We created Marx to deliver results, not get stuck in processes. 

Our Team

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International House, 36-38 Cornhill, London, EC3V 3NG

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