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  • Karolina Perez-Sima

Announcing Our LeanIX Partnership

Boost your business with enhanced expertise, world-leading IT tools and a valuable network

LeanIX logo

What a ride! We are beyond excited to announce our partnership with LeanIX, a leading provider of enterprise architecture management solutions. With their invaluable product suite granting insights and visibility into IT landscapes, Marx's expertise has become even more profound!

LeanIX delivers innovation in the fields of Data Governance, ESG and AI, and underscores value for CIOs transforming businesses through IT.
LeanIX Connect Summit 2023 Kicks Off World Tour in Frankfurt

But why should you care about our collaboration with LeanIX?

The combined expertise of our teams and the power of the LeanIX platform empower you to efficiently manage your tech stack. From selecting cutting-edge tools to optimising efficiency and reducing costs, together we can revolutionise your business operations.

LeanIX CEO conference

CIO priorities include streamlining IT complexity and reducing costs, modernizing their IT landscape, and mitigating tech risk at every level. Sustainable IT is also an increasingly important concern for organizations with goals of reducing the environmental impact of IT operations and meeting regulatory compliance.
André Christ, CEO and co-Founder of LeanIX

How does our partnership work?

As a LeanIX partner, we grant you access to their groundbreaking platform for optimising and managing IT landscapes. And our team of certified LeanIX architects provides comprehensive visibility into your systems, applications, and data, enabling you to make informed decisions that drive your success.

LeanIX products

LeanIX EAM logo

Enterprise Architecture Management (EAM) Build technology landscapes to power outstanding customer experiences and transform your IT

LeanIX SMP logo

SaaS Management Platform (SMP) Discover, optimise and manage Software-as-a-Service at scale in the enterprise

LeanIX VSM logo

Value Stream Management (VSM) Discover, catalogue and improve the efficiency of software delivery

Supercharge your business with Marx Technology Consulting and LeanIX

Marx's results-driven approach paired with LeanIX's leading architecture management solutions, lets customers gain invaluable insights and comprehensive IT landscape visibility. Imagine being able to correctly align your technology investments with business objectives - with Marx's expertise and LeanIX's resources it's more than possible.

LeanIX's Continuous Transformation Platform® is trusted by Corporate IT and Product IT to achieve comprehensive visibility and superior governance. Offering SaaS solutions to IT architects, IT asset managers, business leaders, and DevOps teams, LeanIX helps them make sound decisions and accelerate transformation journeys. LeanIX has a thousand customers globally, including Adidas, Atlassian, Bosch, Dropbox, Santander and Workday.
source: leanIX website

LeanIX team

Ready to learn more? Don't hesitate to get in touch for additional information on how we can help your business thrive. Our passionate team of enterprise architects is ready to provide all the details you need. Don't wait - unlock your business's full potential today!

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