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Retail Transformation

the shopping experience

How do we support retail transformation?

on-demand access to flexible, expert and cost-effective 
architectural support

We develop scalable architectures for retail, efficiently resolving industry-specific use cases, leveraging hyper-automated architecture deliverability.

With Marx, you can experience rapid transformation within 3-6 months instead of the traditional 12-18 months, ensuring your business stays ahead in the dynamic retail landscape.

Sample product showing 'final sale', symbolising the ways we can help with retail transformation

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Sample products with sale branding showing how retail transformation can help your business thrive


We help top-notch retail businesses with cutting-edge IT strategies achieving impressive results: 90% of our customers keep coming back for more! Check our How to Guide for Retail Transformation to see how we can help you thrive.

Retail Challenges

With 1800+ powerful artefacts, 1200+ experts ready to work, 20+ years experience in transformation and 358 successful projects delivered, we are your retail transformation partner.

Futuristic computer components showing how up to date technology can help with retail transformation

legacy systems

Say goodbye to inefficiencies and embrace seamless integration.

Postal boxes indication how our retail transformation services can help with inventory management


Drive profitability and minimise waste for maximum

Laptop and phone showing online store indication the retail transformation benefits of omnichannel stores


Shop anywhere, anytime, on any device with a harmonious omnichannel experience.

Mobile customer experiencing the benefits of our retail transformation AI services

AI + ML = CX

Leverage artificial intelligence and machine learning to personalise like never before.

Graphs showing how data processing can be used for retail transformation

data management

Turn raw customer data to powerful and actionable intelligence.

Container yard symbolising how our retail transformation services can streamline your supply chain

Supply chain

Navigate changing global trade and local sourcing efficiently.

Data visualisation graphic showing how customer data can be better protected with our retail transformation services


Safeguard customer data from rising cybersecurity

Shape graphics indicating scaling business with retail transformation services from Marx


Unleash growth through agility and scalable solutions for evolving demands.

Sustainability graphic indicating how Marx can help your ecommerce business can be more eco-concious their retail transformation services


Harness latest technologies to attract the eco-conscious customer.

Download our how to Guide
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Futuristic purple and blue lines showing how advanced Marx's retail transformation services are

from our expert

"Our innovative solutions consistently deliver remarkable results, enabling retailers to streamline operations, boost profitability, and future-proof for market fluctuations."

IHOR SAMUSENKO, Sen. ECom Architect​​

(Spryker, EPAM Systems, Rallyware)

Marx's Retail Transformation expert

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