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  • Rajiv Giri

Gain Speed and Value with Architecture as a Service (AaaS)

A bespoke Architectural Artefacts catalogue specifically tailored to the needs of your organisation

In a world where demand for great architects has outstripped supply, Architecture as a Service (AaaS) shifts the focus to delivering great outcomes. Architecture as a Service can improve speed and accuracy, at the same time as reducing cost and friction and delivering greater outcomes! We at Marx have significant experience of the provision of AaaS including proven earlier engagements and mission critical delivery. As a team, we have more breadth and depth in the provision of AaaS than any other Architecture provider. For our customers we developed a unique AaaS model to let you take advantage of our great architectural capabilities and existing portfolio giving you even greater cost and time benefits.

Architecture as a service Model diagram from Marx

For more details get in touch with our AaaS experts:

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