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  • Karolina Perez-Sima

Enterprise architecture firms need a Website relaunch too

Have you noticed? This Enterprise Architecture Firm has gotten a nice Website makeover!

We've been buzzing with excitement and working tirelessly behind the scenes to bring our customers something super user-friendly, sleek-looking and truly fit for an innovative Digital Transformation provider such as Marx.

Screenshot of the Marx Consulting website homepage

Our BRAND NEW website covers our enterprise architecture expertise, introduces our experienced team, and, of course, covers all the areas we can help our customers with.

Check them out and learn about the benefits Marx enterprise architecture provides:

Architecture as a Service bridges the gap between your business goals and the technology you are using. Blending pragmatic consulting expertise with established frameworks, Architecture as a Service (AaaS) model unlocks value much faster.

Transformation as a Service drives informed decision-making, growth, and long-term sustainability, leveraging our 20+ years of expertise and independent advice.

And we haven't forgotten our IT Staffing and Recruitment service, a solution that caters to diverse industries, matching them with skilled IT professionals, powering their workforce with top-tier IT talent.

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