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Ecommerce Solution Architect (Spryker)

London, United Kingdom, Hybrid or Remote

Job Type

Full Time

about the role

Join our team at Marx Technology Consulting Ltd as an Ecommerce Solution Architect with expertise in Spryker. Drive ecommerce solutions using Spryker, design robust architectures and shape the future of digital commerce. Make critical decisions, create road maps and ensure successful implementation.


  • Proven experience as an Ecommerce Solution Architect with expertise in Spryker. 

  • Strong understanding of ecommerce platforms and technologies. 

  • Ability to design and implement scalable ecommerce architectures. 

  • Proficiency in making critical decisions to optimise implementation. 

  • Excellent roadmap creation and project delivery skills. 


Drive ecommerce solutions using Spryker platform.

Design robust architectures for scalable and high-performing ecommerce systems.

Make critical decisions to ensure optimal implementation.

Create roadmaps to guide ecommerce projects.

Ensure successful implementation and delivery of ecommerce solutions.

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